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Branding Guidelines

The Carbyne Stack trademark (hereinafter referred to as "Carbyne Stack Trademarks") is a trademark of Robert Bosch GmbH, and is treated separately from the copyright and patent license grants contained in the Carbyne Stack repositories on GitHub.


Any use of the Carbyne Stack Trademarks other than those explicitly permitted in these guidelines must be approved by Robert Bosch GmbH in advance (for getting in touch please see the contact information).

Acceptable Uses

Carbyne Stack is an open project. You may use the Carbyne Stack Trademarks to refer to the project without prior written permission in accordance with the guidelines specified in this document.

Uses that do not require prior approval are the following:

  • Give reference to the Carbyne Stack project itself
  • Link to the website
  • Refer to original source code or other files shared by the Carbyne Stack repositories on GitHub
  • Blog posts, news articles, or educational materials about Carbyne Stack

Uses Subject to Approval

Exemplary uses of the Carbyne Stack Trademarks that do require prior approval by Robert Bosch GmbH are the following (non-exhaustive list):

  • Use as or integrate as part of your application icon or other design elements
  • Create and use a modified or derived version
  • Refer to modified versions of the Carbyne Stack platform including but not limited to forks

Robert Bosch GmbH reserves the right to deny trademark permission for certain use cases if the use case is not in the interest of the Carbyne Stack Community.

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