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API Specification

The Carbyne Stack platform provides a comprehensive set of microservices, working together to create a fully functional MPC-party. To facilitate interaction and communication, each service exposes a REST API. This API serves as a standardized interface for accessing and utilizing the functionalities provided by the individual services, to facilitate both, inter- and intra-VCP communication, as well as interaction between clients (users) and the services.

The REST API of the individual Carbyne Stack services are documented using the OpenAPI Specification, a widely adopted standard for describing RESTful APIs. This specification provides a comprehensive and structured overview of the API endpoints, request and response payloads, authentication mechanisms, and other important details.

The REST API documentation serves as a valuable resource for individuals interested in implementing a client application or developing a new microservice that leverages the capabilities of Carbyne Stack. By studying the API description, developers can gain insights into the available functionality, understand the expected input and output formats, and effectively integrate their applications with Carbyne Stack.

However, it is important to note that for most users, leveraging the existing clients provided is the recommended approach. These clients implement the necessary logic to interact with the REST API already, abstracting away the underlying complexities and providing a simplified interface for accessing the services. Using the existing clients ensures a smoother and more efficient integration with the Carbyne Stack platform, allowing users to focus on utilizing the services rather than dealing with low-level API interactions.

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