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Getting Started with Carbyne Stack


Watch the following video to learn about the core concepts and services of the Carbyne Stack MPC Cloud Platform and how they can be used to solve the Millionaires' Problem or to recognize handwritten letters via privacy-friendly Machine Learning.

Hands-On Tutorials

Our hands-on tutorials will walk you through the basics of the Carbyne Stack Native MPC platform and how to set up and run simple experiments with it.

You will

  1. Understand the basic architecture and abstractions of the Carbyne Stack platform.
  2. Set up Kubernetes clusters with all the prerequisites required for deploying a Carbyne Stack Virtual Cloud Provider including Istio and Knative.
  3. Deploy a fully functional Carbyne Stack Virtual Cloud to these clusters.
  4. Learn how to solve the canonical Millionaires Problem leveraging the Carbyne Stack CLI.


Have fun and let us know in case you encounter any obstacles or problems.

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